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Transform the Repair Process with the MD-TS21 

Today’s vehicles are complex, but their repair doesn’t have to be. 

Mitchell’s MD-TS21 target system helps you quickly and precisely calibrate the front-facing cameras, blind-spot monitors and radar sensors in popular ADAS-equipped automobiles. 

Leveraging Bosch's expertise as an ADAS sensor supplier and partner to the OEMs, the MD-TS21 delivers best-in-class coverage for today's popular vehicles and helps ensure you're ready to calibrate the vehicles of tomorrow. Using the system's guided lasers, you can easily adjust the target board and radar reflector in minutes—without the need for plumb bobs, tape measures and mirrors!

Improve Calibration Efficiency­

Controlled by the MD-500 wireless tablet, the system features an intuitive user interface designed to:

  • Maintain a High Level of Precision

  • Decrease Setup and Labor Time

  • Reduce the Likelihood of an Error

Access a Complete Solution 

The MD-TS21 and MD-500—along with Mitchell’s cloud-based software—provide a complete solution for:

  • Static Calibration 

  • Dynamic Calibration 

  • Pre- and Post-Scanning 

  • Estimating-Blueprinting

One System for All of Your ADAS Calibration Needs 

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