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TruckMax Demo!


Watch this live demonstration as we write a commercial truck estimate together. We’ll show you how Mitchell Cloud Estimating TruckMax can streamline your workflow with features including:

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Live Truck Estimating Demonstration

Mitchell Cloud Estimating TruckMax

VIN Decode—Access year/make/model data in one click

Interactive Parts Diagrams—Find additional parts detail with easy-to-read exploded diagrams

Procedure Pages & Recall Notices—Discover relevant P-pages and recall notices in one location

Aftermarket Parts—Get parts information from the top U.S. suppliers

Estimating Software Designed for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks

Mitchell Cloud Estimating TruckMax

Overlap Paint—Add overlap paint deductions automatically to estimate lines

Extensive Database—Stay up-to-date with automatic software updates and new truck and parts information added monthly

Questions about truck estimating and our growing database?